CourseFour Weeks to Proficiency in Photography

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Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography


This is an interactive class with tons of support. It’s not like the online classes you’ve taken before with a person just talking at you.

Instructor Peggy Farren really simplifies and shows you STEP by STEP how to use your camera. She has a great way of explaining the technical aspects of photography so that even right brain creatives can understand it. We have LOTS of pictures of the cameras and where to find the settings, and also lots of photographs to show you the effects you can achieve.

  • Week One: DSLR Operation and Exposure Basics – We’ll get you shooting in the Manual setting in just two hours. This has been our most popular workshop since the start of Understand Photography Training Center.
    You won’t believe how simple exposure is! You’ll have a surge of confidence after this first class.
  • Week Two: Composition – The Most Important Class you’ll take to Improve Your Photography! Everyone thinks they understand the Rule of Thirds but we find that they really don’t. Learn where your eye naturally goes and how to use leading lines, power points, negative space, color and more to make a more pleasing image.
    In this workshop, you’ll learn why you are not winning competitions with your images – it’s almost always a composition issue! We teach some basic posing in this class as well. Posing just means you are helping someone look their best. It shouldn’t be grueling or stiff. Learn the simple techniques to make your subjects look great!
  • Week Three: Lighting Essentials - Do you love natural light? So do we! Learn how to take great pictures in natural light. Open shade, add dimension, use reflectors, additive and subtractive light.However, natural light is not practical at all times. Learn to use your flash to create natural looking light when needed. The principles are the same for both pop up flash that comes with your camera and a speedlight.
    Flash can be complicated. We simplify it.
  • Week Four: The Technical Class - Don’t worry! You’ll be ready for this workshop!
    Metering Modes, White Balance, Drive Modes, Focal point, focus modes and more! We do our best to make the technical stuff easy to understand!

The format of each week is this:

  • Day One: A two-hour video workshop. Peggy will be on the computer during this time to answer your questions as we watch the video together.  You can type questions as we go along. If you miss the meeting time, watch the video later and ask questions in our secret Facebook group.
  • Day 2, 3, 4: You’ll receive a daily exercise, to seal the information into your brain. It should take 30 minutes or less each day.
  • Day 5: Quiz. Let’s make sure you are really understanding what you’ve learned this week.
  • The next two days are for fun and practice!

This will be repeated each week with a different lesson.

All classes, assignments and quizzes will be recorded and available to you on the membership site to watch or review anytime you like, forever (or for the life of my business! LOL!).

~ Peggy Farren, Founder and Instructor, Professional Photographer; in business since 2001. (Check out my site at

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