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This Photoshop Cram Course is designed for beginners in Photoshop. We've found the best format for our students is a series of short videos.  Watch a video, put what you've learned in practice, then move on to the next video.  Rewind if you need to.  We go slowly and step by step.  Our motto at Understand Photography is "We Simplify the Technical".  You will own this course for life (the life of Understand Photography!) so come back for a refresher anytime!

Video #1  Overview

Video #2  Understanding Layers

Video #3 Moving around your image.

Video #4  Selection tools including refining the edges

Video #5  Selection tools continued

Video #6  Spot Removal Tools

Video #7  Clone Tool

Video #8 Lighting

Video #9 Color

Video #10  Whiten Teeth, Take Red out of Faces

Video 11 RAW

Bonus Video #13  Layer Masks

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